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POZ' IN' FORM Head Pressure Relief Cushion

Cushion for pressure relief of the occiput. 
From £110.00

POZ' IN' FORM Heel Cushion

Positioning cushion for the heel.
From £110.00

POZ' IN' FORM Ring Cushion

Ring cushion to support the neck.
From £42.00

POZ' IN' FORM Semi-Fowler Cushion

The semi-fowler cushion supports and holds the back in the correct position. 
From £98.00

POZ' IN' FORM Semi-Lateral Positioning Cushion

Multi-purpose cushion to support the shoulders, back, hips and knees when the patient is lying down.
From £101.00

POZ' IN' FORM Triangle-Shaped Cushion

Triangle Cushion to support the knees and hips whilst lying down.
From £94.00