Breast Milk Labels
Expressed Breast Milk means to squeeze milk out of your breast without a baby latching on to the nipple. It is always best to directly breastfeed a new-born baby however, it is not always possible. If a baby is born premature or is unwell, you can store your breast milk so that the baby can be fed at a later time.
Tarry Gel Pillow
The physical development of a new-born’s neck muscles is important for their future life as it provides the grounds which allows the progress of all their future movement such as sitting up, crawling and walking. The growth of the neck muscles is one of the most important developments a baby will experience in their first few months of life.
One of the most common reasons for women being advised to wean their babies or for women to stop breastfeeding of their own accord is due to sore nipples. Even during the early stages of pregnancy some women stress that their nipples react very sensitively to any pressure and are therefore afraid that breastfeeding will very quickly lead to sore nipples. Many problems with breastfeeding only occur after the mothers have left the hospital. In some cases, the myth that breastfeeding is unfamiliar to begin with and can lead to painful nipples is true.
Father’s Day: Think Outside the Socks
For those who have Father’s, ‘thinking outside the box’ is becoming more difficult. Usual Father’s Day gifts involve socks, boxers, chocolates and drinks. However, this Father’s Day we are showing you the gifts that can actually change your father’s life in terms of safety and protection in the home environment.
Raising the Standards of Patient Safety
Posey is your trusted resource in Patient Safety, Protection & Quality… Offering a range of solutions for the least restrictive restraint options for protection of “high value therapies”. We understand continual improvement of Patient Care in the healthcare environment is an important goal for the NHS which is why we partner with Posey to raise the standards of Patient Safety and to help reduce risks in your hospital, wards or departments. Repton Medical is committed to its partners to find the least restrictive products to keep your patients safe during medical treatment.
Protect your Patients with Comfort
We partner with Posey to optimise Patient Safety and reduce risk in your hospital. The single most important goal of the NHS is for it to be totally devoted to continual improvement of Patient Care. We are committed to helping our partner, find the best restrictive products to keep your patients safe, and to reduce costs for your hospital.
Living with Dementia
Living with dementia can be difficult especially if you want to stay living in your own home for as long as possible because you would need help and support from others.
Dance helping people with Dementia
There has been a new study linking the benefits of dancing with the treating of dementia in east London, according to the BBC. Dementia is becoming more and more widespread in the elderly population throughout the UK and scientists have started to look at alternative ways to treat the condition without resorting to any kind of drug therapy. Music and dancing is just one area of study and they appear to be having a protective effect. Researchers from the University of Canterbury have started to work together with a dance company in order to analyse the benefits of music and dance in correlation with the treating of dementia.
Physiotherapy after a Stroke
Strokes can cause damage to a part of the brain that controls personal movement. This can cause weakness or paralysis on one side of the body and problems with moving and carrying out every day activities. The affected side of the body may feel different or heavy because the weakness make them difficult to move, or they may feel numb. Some people have more unusual sensations such as pins and needles, hot and cold sensations or feel as though water in running their limb.
The Risk of Developing a Pressure Ulcer
Pressure ulcers are caused by increased pressure, shearing (which is pulling of the skin due to slipping down the bed or chair) or friction to the skin. Other things can also add to the risk of developing pressure ulcers.